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Welcome to My Favorite Tech! We provide Complete Computer Services for home and small business users in the greater Phoenix area, with an emphasis on honest, dependable and thorough work.

We've designed our site with client service in mind. Browse through and you'll find information about how to use and care for your computer in clear, easy-to-understand language. We've included tips for both new and experienced users so that spending time on your computer is productive, fun and comfortable. (Thanks to "HP Newsgram" for providing resource matertial.)

Please contact us with any computer questions. We also invite your comments about this site, including ideas for new topics. We look forward to serving you.

Ask us how you can have security cameras in your home or office that
you can monitor anywhere there is an internet connection.

Security Alerts
This notice is provided as a courtesy to our clients and is updated daily.
My Favorite Tech
is not responsible for its content.

Symantec, a leading producer of security software, constantly monitors the Top Virus Threats and offers downloads to protect your computer from them. If you are running and regularly updating Symantec's Norton AntiVirus software, it is likely that your system is already protected.

Occasionally, you may receive a prompt that one of these viruses has been detected on your system. If this happens, check the list below and click on the name of that virus to download the fix.

If you have any questions, please contact My Favorite Tech.