The My Favorite Tech Promise

My Favorite Tech is dedicated to:

  • provide full computer support that's dependable, prompt, thorough, cost-effective, and friendly
  • offer complete computer services, from technical recommendations and installation to user training and maintenance...plus everything in-between
  • serve small- and medium-sized businesses and home users in the greater Phoenix area

Meet Bob Weber, Your Favorite Tech

As the founder and president of My Favorite Tech, Bob Weber brings you over 20 years of experience in the computer field. That experience is broad and crosses quite a few industries. Bob has been certified as a NetWare Engineer; he's managed several system administration programs and has worked with every Microsoft operating system on the market. That means he can recommend options to meet all your computer needs.

Bob is a pro at designing and servicing network systems for small- and medium-sized businesses. He works closely with IT managers to identify specific needs and select the best hardware and software systems – on time and within budget. Whether your business has four computers or 400, Bob's expertise ensures seamless communication between all your employees, from installation and training to ongoing maintenance and upgrades. If you're unsure about which programs are best for your industry, just tell Bob what you need to do and he'll find the set-up that's right for you.

Bob is also an expert with home computer systems. Haven't spent much time in the world of computers? Bob will translate "computerese" into plain language, then set up a system that's comfortable and easy to use. More familiar with computers? Bob will help you expand and upgrade your system with speed and convenience. Whatever your experience level, Bob will train you on your new programs until you feel like a pro.

Bob's pride in his work carries through to all areas, especially customer service. Feel free to contact Bob by email or call him at 623-547-5046 any time you have a question. He'll try to help you over the phone, online, or via email, and will set up an appointment if an on-site visit is needed. He can also provide hands-on training sessions for individuals, small groups of home users, and any size employee group. You can even call him to set-up classes for your club or organization. Whichever approach is best for you, you'll be pleased with Bob's knowledge, thoroughness and easy going manner.

At My Favorite Tech, our motto is "Complete Computer Services"...and that's exactly what Bob and his team look forward to providing you.


Most fees are charged at an hourly rate. If you hire the My Favorite Tech team on a project basis or on a retainer, negotiated rates may be available. Please call our office and we'll work out the plan best for you.