Protecting Your System... and your investment


A firewall is a safety barrier that’s installed between your system and the rest of the computer world via the World Wide Web. It allows only those people you authorize to have access to your computer, reducing the chance of someone hacking into your system. A firewall can be installed using hardware or software – let My Favorite Tech recommend the best approach for you.

Access Controls

As a parent or employer, you may not want your kids or staff accessing certain software on your system or connecting to the Internet. There even may be specific days or times when you don’t want others using the computer at all. You can limit or completely block access by adjusting the computer’s security policy – call My Favorite Tech and we will get you all set up.

Anti-Virus Protection

A virus is a program intentionally designed to harm your hardware and software. It may enter your system through the Internet or an email attachment, or if you install an unauthorized (or “pirate”) program.

Often, you aren’t even aware of the virus until after your system is infected. That’s why it’s important to take protective steps, usually through a specialized software program, to reduce chances a virus will hit you. These programs scan information coming into your system and quarantine anything that’s a potential danger.

Even with the best preventative measures, a computer may still be infected by a virus. If that happens, call My Favorite Tech immediately to ensure damage to your data is minimal.

Let our team set-up a plan to assure your software and hardware remain safe from potential virus damage.