Special Client Services

Supporting Programs

Remote Access has been one of our most powerful tools for over 5 years! Available anywhere you have an internet connection. Most services can now be performed remotely at a reduced cost. This is not only perfect for maintaining your office systems, but great for clients on the road or with an urgent request.

My Favorite Tech offers complete computer services, with customer care as the top priority. While our primary services – Network design and daily management, designing and building systems to spec, installing hardware and software, troubleshooting, and computer maintenance – are described throughout this web site, here are a few of the supporting programs we provide:

  • Review your hardware/software and recommend upgrades as appropriate
  • Clean up your system to organize and archive your computer files
  • Pack, transport and re-connect your system when you move to a new home or business location
  • Pre-wire your house as it's being built or remodeled to handle multiple computers (this is great if you have more than one computer in your home, e.g., for each of your kids or a separate home office system)
  • Design a wireless configuration for your new or remodeled home
  • Digitally photograph your hardware components for use as property verification and insurance documentation (check with your insurance company for any specific requirements)
  • Create on site or off site HIPPA compliant backup’s at an competitive, affordable rate.

Network Set-Up

Networks connect computers within a business or home. On the software side, they allow multiple users to access the same files so everyone can conveniently share them, without the hassle of transferring them back and forth. You can save documents on a network so anyone (with authorization) can retrieve them. When several people have access to the same files, as they do through a network, there may be concerns about keeping some data private. Not to worry – a network can be configured so that you share only what you want and protect what you want kept private.

On the hardware side, you can use a network to connect several computers to one printer. That's a significant space- and cost-savings.

Whether you're interested in sharing between two computers or a hundred computers, My Favorite Tech will design and put together a network to meet your needs.